How to Make Baileys Coffee

Sometimes you just find the perfect pairing – salt and vinegar, cookies and cream, and, our favourite, Baileys and coffee.  They really are the perfect team.

There’s just something about the combination of a robust black coffee with a velvety smooth Baileys Irish Cream that sets the taste buds fluttering with delight.

Like many, we like ours as an after-dinner treat though the beauty of adding the sweetness of Baileys is that it also works as a bit of an anytime treat.

Bailey has been quick to capitalise on its popularity too and has very handily created a Baileys whipped cream that makes the process of making your Baileys coffee incredibly easy.

Whether you want to warm yourself with a hot Baileys Coffee (or cool down with our iced variation below), we know you are going to love it!

What You Need

One of the best things about this coffee cocktail is how simple it is to make. While we have listed some variations that use additional ingredients, you can easily make a Baileys Coffee with just coffee and Baileys.  But we like to add a few layers of indulgence on top of that to really make it special!

Here are the main ingredients you’ll need to make a Baileys Coffee:

  •         Baileys Original Irish Cream
  •         Freshly Brewed Coffee
  •         Milk or Cream (Optional)

We’ve added a bit of additional flair in our recipe, and if you want to really impress your friends you could even push the boat out and get some Irish Coffee Glasses!

How to Make The Classic Baileys Coffee

Let’s start with the classic Baileys Coffee recipe. Measurements are based on a single serving, so if you want to make enough for more people just double or triple as required measurements.


  •         50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream
  •         150-200ml of Black Coffee
  •         Double (whipped to form nice peaks), or Whipped Cream if you’re feeling lazy.  If you’re feeling particularly indulgent you could add a scoop of coffee ice cream! (Optional)
  •         Chocolate Shavings or Nutmeg (Optional)


  1.       Start by brewing your preferred strength of coffee. Any ground coffee works fine with coffee cocktails, although using freshly ground coffee will produce an even tastier drink.
  2.       Once brewed, pour the coffee into a nice tall glass, leaving some space at the top for the Baileys.
  3.       Pour Baileys into the coffee and stir.
  4.       Top with some cream - try whipping some for an indulgent finish!
  5.       Finish with chocolate shavings and/or grated nutmeg (we like both)
  6.       Enjoy!


A Vegan Baileys Coffee Variation

For those of you who are vegan you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to be left out of the fun.  For a vegan alternative, you can use Almond milk and Baileys Almande (which is a dairy-free version of Baileys).

Whipped Baileys Cream

If you really want to take the indulgence to the next level then making (or buying!) a Baileys whipped cream to top off the coffee is an absolute treat.

This is basically a combination of whipped cream and Baileys, providing a decadent finish that is certain to hit the sweet spot.

You can buy a Baileys whipped cream from the shops, though we’ve noticed that it tends to only be available at Christmas time.

So, when making the recipe above, simply replace your cream or whipped cream with this delicious alternative!


  •         30ml Baileys Irish Cream
  •         220ml Whipping Cream
  •         2tbsp Sugar


  1.       Combine sugar and cream into a mixing bowl.
  2.       Use an electric (or manual) hand whisk and whisk ingredients together until cream starts thickening.
  3.       Slowly pour Baileys as you continue to whisk mixing everything together.
  4.       Stop mixing once the cream forms firm peaks
  5.       Keep in fridge or spoon on top of a Baileys Coffee!

Iced Baileys Coffee

For one last idea to make your Baileys coffee a little different and unique, why not try an iced Baileys Coffee?

It’s just as simple as the above, you just swap out the coffee for your favourite cold brew coffee, add your Baileys, and top with cream or Baileys cream.  Simple.

Final Thoughts

No matter what version you try, a cheeky Baileys coffee at the end of a dinner party, or as a starter before a night out is a real winner.  We know you are going to love it as much as we do!

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