Whether you want to know the difference between light and dark roast, where our coffee comes from, or how a subscription works, we’re here to make it easy. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below.

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I have a question about the Presto Coffee Subscription

We’re sure you’ll find the answer on our Coffee Subscription page. Head on over to browse all of our subscription-related FAQs.

What does air roasting mean and why do you air roast your beans at Presto?

We’re so glad you asked. This is one of our favourite coffee things to nerd out on.

To give you some context, a lot of coffee is drum roasted. This is the ‘traditional’ way of roasting beans at a large scale (like the ones you buy from the supermarket), and it’s often romanticised. The reality is that drum roasting is very energy inefficient. The heating of the drum, the roasting of the coffee, and the water ‘quenching’ and cooling all happens in the same chamber. In less jargon-y terms, it’s like boiling the kettle, letting it cool down, then boiling it again right away.

Air roasting, on the other hand, is a modern way of roasting coffee beans that uses 40% less energy than drum roasting. Beans are gently roasted with a highly regulated, continuous flow of hot air, using heating and cooling technology.

Rather than roasting and cooling in a single chamber, air roasting relies on a recirculatory system (we told you it was going to get nerdy) with two chambers. Instead of wasting the heat energy that roasts the beans, it’s re-used to pre-heat our green beans before roasting. So one chamber stays hot and the other stays cool.

What’s also cool is that we’re one of only a handful of coffee roasters round the world who use this method. In our eyes it’s a win-win, producing a more consistent flavour and minimising the environmental impact of coffee roasting.

How long will my coffee last once its been opened?

The most important question of them all for saying no to stale coffee.

Firstly, how you store coffee once it’s been opened is key. In the right airtight container, or sealed in its bag with a food clip (make sure the air is pushed out), coffee beans will stay fresh for a month. For ground, it’s two weeks.

Once exposed to the air (for example, in a grinder), beans will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks and ground for about a week. The same goes for coffee bags, which are made with ground coffee.

Presto instant coffee is best a whopping 1-2 months from opening.

Can I try a sample?

The easiest way to get a taster is with one of our 200g letterbox-friendly packs. Give our beans or ground roasts a try, and let us know what you think.

Where is Presto coffee sourced from?

At Presto, we stand for consciously uncomplicated coffee. That means making coffee drinking easy for you, without overlooking a single detail on our side.

As part of our commitment to raise the bar in coffee standards, we source our coffee from farmers all over the world. We try to find suppliers who we can work with to reduce environmental impact and give back to local communities. And, of course, produce the best tasting coffee.

From arabica beans grown in the lush hilltops of Brazil, to Mexican beans decaffeinated through a sustainable mountain water process, you can find the sourcing information for each coffee on its product page.

Start exploring here.

Are coffee bags filled with real coffee?

Yep, no fake coffee here.

Every single Presto coffee bag is filled with 8 grams of freshly roasted ground coffee. There’s pure arabica coffee in our Smooth Italian coffee bags, extra strong robusta in our Intense Italian coffee bags, and mountain water filtered decaf in (you guessed it) our Decaf Italian coffee bags.

You can learn about the different types of coffee we use on each product page.

What makes Presto coffee fresher than supermarket or high street coffee shops?

When you order from Presto, your coffee is delivered right after roasting for maximum freshness. It comes straight from our roastery, unlike supermarket coffee, which goes through a long supply chain before it makes it into your cup.Generally speaking, the fresher the coffee, the better the taste.

Can I recycle Presto packaging?

Please do! As part of our sustainability commitment, we’ve worked hard to achieve 100% recyclable packaging across every single one of our products. Plus, we’re always challenging ourselves to find more sustainable solutions.

Your delivery box and product packaging are all 100% ‘curbside’ recyclable. That means you can pop them in your recycling bin at home.

If you order ground beans or coffee bags, you may notice that the bag feels quick plastic-like on the inside. We promise this is fully recyclable—sustainable materials have come a long way. Actually, paper-feel packaging used by other brands is lined with foil to keep the beans fresh, but this means it isn't recyclable. We found packaging that does both.

What does Rainforest Alliance certification mean?

The frog seal on our packaging means that our coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified. The Rainforest Alliance is working to solve some of the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time—including the climate crisis—by changing the way the world produces and consumes. By purchasing Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, you are supporting the farmers who are looking after their workers and our natural resources.

What does B Corp certification mean?

B Lab is an nonprofit network on a mission to make all business a force for good. They verify businesses who have a positive social and environmental impact, which is what we call B Corp status.

Being a B Corp is about way more than recyclable packaging. It holds you to high standards of performance, transparency and accountability on everything from employee benefits, to supply chains, to charitable donations.

At Presto, we’re chuffed to have B Corp certification and are committed to prioritising our responsibility to people and the planet.

What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global movement of businesses and individuals giving back to the planet. It was founded to prevent greenwashing and certify that businesses are donating to genuinely impactful causes. So all the nonprofits in their network are highly vetted.

As a member, we’ve pledged to donate a minimum of 1% of our yearly revenue to environmental charities.

For the past few years, we’ve been supporting Taking Root, a charity that works with smallholder farmers to restore forests. They partner with farmers to grow trees, regenerating natural habitats and balancing the rate of carbon consumption. Reforestation is also a way for farmers to improve their livelihoods, helping people and the planet.

Is Presto coffee roasted sustainably?

A big part of our mission at Presto is to raise the bar in coffee standards. So we do things a little differently to other coffee companies.

Rather than drum roasting our beans, which is what most supermarket brands do, we air roast our beans. This cuts carbon emissions by 40% compared to the average drum roaster.

You can learn more about the tech behind air roasting, here. Essentially, it’s a super smart, energy efficient way of roasting coffee beans, with the added plus of even better flavour.

Can I amend my order?

If you have placed an order and would like to make a change please contact us as soon as possible. If the order is yet to to be packed and given to the courier we will happily amend the order for you, however if the order has been packed and passed onto the courier (this typically happens within an hour of the order being placed) we can no longer make changes to your order.

How long does delivery take?

Need your coffee fix pronto? You can choose 24 hour delivery if you need an emergency supply. Or opt for standard delivery, which typically takes 2-3 working days.

Which delivery company do you use?

We use a few different delivery companies (Royal Mail, Evri or DPD), so we can pick the one that’s giving the most efficient service at your time of order. This helps avoid any disruption from things like strike action—we don't want anything coming in between you and your morning brew.

Can I return my order?

If there are any problems with you’re order, we’ll try to fix them ASAP. Please let us know by contacting our lovely support team at

Do I have to pay for delivery if I have a coffee subscription?

No, delivery’s on us! If you’re a subscriber, you won’t have to pay any sneaky hidden costs. Learn more about the Presto coffee subscription here.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

If you order from our website, you can get fresh coffee delivered to your door anywhere in the UK (including Highlands and Islands). Based outside of the UK, but don’t want to miss out? We’ll see what we can do. Just drop us an email at and we can give you a quote for a special delivery.


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