Meet Presto. This Is Our Story.

James Hagerty, our caffeine-fuelled founder, created Presto Coffee in 2018 when he was just 23 years old.  

As a child, he loved sharing a coffee with his dad each morning before he went to school.  As an adult, he was frustrated by the lack of great tasting, ethically sourced and sustainable coffee available to the mass market.  He didn’t want to have to pay £30 for a bag of coffee or search high and low to find the perfect blend! 

As a self-professed technology whizz and coffee-aficionado, these passions are at the heart of Presto. So, he started off on a mission to stir up the coffee market, bravely taking on the established global giants with his range of impossibly good coffee.  Impossibly good taste and impossibly good environmental and sustainable credentials.  


If you are ever on a video call with James, expect to be greeted by his trusty (and very furry) four-legged assistant, Gloria.