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Our Origin Guide. Ethiopia.

Arabica plants are native to Ethiopia and have been consumed by Ethiopians for centuries. The Limu Kossa family-owned farm is committed to none-intensive farming practises.

The family-owned Limu Kossa farm is situated in the South Western Highlands of Ethiopia. It is Rainforest Alliance Certified and focuses on none-intensive farming practises. 

Arabica plants are native to Ethiopia and they have been consumed there for centuries, long before coffee became the globally popular drink it is today.  Nearly half of all coffee produced in the country is consumed domestically! 

Ethiopian Heirloom is the term used to describe the wide range of varieties of beans grown. 

The beans used in our Barista Espresso blend are grown at an altitude of 1,840m - 2,130m and have a flavour profile of lemon, chocolate and sweet nuts.  Yum!

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