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Our Origin Guide. Mexico.

We use a natural process to extract the caffeine from our coffee beans.

The incredible arabica beans used to create our House Decaf and Half Caf Espresso are grown at an altitude of 1,200 - 1,500m.  We use a totally natural process to carefully extract the caffeine in Cordoba, Mexico.

The Natural Process removes the green coffee bean from the cherry that forms around it. The cherries are picked and then stored to remove any under-ripe or overripe fruits. The coffee is then carefully laid out on patios or raised beds. Raised beds increase the airflow around the whole fruit to enable more even drying.  It is raked and turned throughout the day. This prevents bruising on the fruit where it is in contact with the patio on which it is resting. Our producer is vigilant about avoiding bruising because it can cause flavour defects. The drying process normally takes around four to six weeks. After drying, the cherries are taken for hulling, which is the separation of the coffee bean from the cherry.

Most of the coffee produced globally uses water to remove the cherries from the bean but we prefer the natural process due to the positive impact on flavour. 

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