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Our Origin Guide. Brazil.

Our delicious arabica beans are sourced from the Da Terra Estate. They were the first coffee farm to gain Rainforest Alliance accrediation in Brazil.

We source our delicious arabica beans from the Da Terra Estate in the Cerrado Mineiro region. This was the first ever Brazilian farm to become Rainforest Alliance Certified. They are known for their very high quality beans and sustainable practices. 

The Daterra area is divided into mini-farms (parcels) based on their soil profile, sun levels and varieties of beans grown. These all impact the flavour profile of the coffee.

We use the Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Cattura and Catuai varieties of arabica and they are naturally pulped when they are harvested from June - August each year.

The farm is at an altitude of 1,300m above sea level, with an annual rainfall of 1,600 - 2,000mm and average annual temperatures between 19 - 24 degrees Celsius

These carefully dried beans deliver a smooth and fruity flavour profile with a pronounced sweet aroma, described as having a chocolate and creamy caramel finish.

These beans are found in our House Espresso and House Filter coffee.  They form part of a mixed blend in our Barista Espresso and Half Caf

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