Lyons Coffee Bags Review

Before we get started, for those who don’t know, coffee bags are a seemingly genius invention creating a tea-bag style coffee option. To put it simply, coffee bags contain freshly ground coffee in a large tea bag, ideal for brewing in a mug. They are the perfect option for those craving freshly brewed coffee without fo the fuss, a popular choice among our busy customers who are always on the go. 

A little bit of background 

My first experience with these nifty bags was with Lyons. My Gran loved them. As a single person living alone, they provided a convenient, yet delicious option for a coffee lover who doesn’t want the complications of brewing too much for just one cup. For many, Taylors Coffee Bags were the first they’d heard of. Taylors produced the national campaign titled “why didn’t we think of this before”, and detailed the simplicities of a coffee bag. As clever as it was, leaving viewers scratching their foreheads wondering why this simple invention wasn’t already on supermarket shelves, it’s a little misleading. That’s because it was thought of before - by Lyons. Lyons has dominated this market for many years before Taylors entering. With their original, subtle branding, they were quickly outshone on the shelves by Taylors’ brightly coloured packaging and bold TV campaign. However, surprisingly the ad by Taylors boosted sales for both of the brands as the awareness of the coffee bag grew. This lead to Lyons re-branding to a more suited, bold style and colour, preventing their products from looking lost on a congested shelf. 

But what about the taste? 

To put it frankly, Lyons coffee bags are a great alternative to a home-brewed fresh cup of coffee for those strapped for time. The flavour profile evokes a fresh cup but misses that little ‘something’ of a truly fresh cup of Joe. As a team, we also found the taste a little watery, to the point it needed a long time to brew, but by the time the level was right, the coffee was a little cold. Another issue we discovered was the weakness of the bags - they actually split if you squeeze too hard, and there’s nothing worse than a mouth full of coffee grounds when you take a sip of your fresh cup. All in all, once your master the brewing process (which turned out to be more of a science than we anticipated!), Lyons coffee bags offer a decent cup, and certainly suit those like my Gran who opt for a more convenient way of brewing a coffee.

Have you tried Presto’s Coffee Bags?

Yes, we had to make the comparison and in our humble opinion, Presto coffee bags really are at the top of the range in this category. After working with our expert roasters, we produced a delicious blend specifically designed for brewing in a cup. This negates the issues of the coffee tasting too stale or too weak (although we still recommend brewing for a good 3-4 minutes for the best cup!). If you haven’t tried them, we suggest you grab a bag and see for yourself!

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