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How to use a coffee grinder

Thinking about graduating from ground coffee, capsules or coffee bags and switching your blend to beans instead? Not only is this the best way to enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible, but you’ll benefit from a much richer flavour and aroma. 

(and how you can still grind coffee beans without one)

Thinking about graduating from ground coffee, capsules or coffee bags and switching your blend to beans instead? Not only is this the best way to enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible, but you’ll benefit from a much richer flavour and aroma. 


When is the best time to grind my coffee beans? 

Before you get grinding, remember that the fresher the grind the tastier it will be, so aim to grind your beans within two to three days maximum when you plan to enjoy your coffee. However, if you ask us, once you start grinding and releasing the delicious aromas of the coffee beans it’ll be hard to wait a second longer! 


What level of grind do I need? 

To make the most of your coffee beans you’ll need to find the best way to grind them at home. The best level of grind for you will depend on the way you prefer to brew your coffee. If you like to use a french press or a Chemex, then the beans need to be coarsely grounded, meaning they’re ground into chunkier pieces so they can’t pass through the filter easily. If you use a drip pot then you’ll need your Whole Bean Coffee to be ground a bit more to achieve a medium grind, where the ground beans are smoother. A very fine grind is reserved for specialist coffee such as espresso. 


What type of coffee grinder should I use? 

There are many different types of coffee grinder, each of which will help you achieve a different grind level. The three most common types are a blade grinder, a burr grinder or a hand grinder. 

For a very coarse to medium grind (the sort that works with a french press or drip coffee maker) a blade grinder is best which chops up the beans using a blade, similar to a food blender but much more durable. This is the most common type of coffee grinder. For medium fine to very finely ground coffee (ideal for espresso) you’ll need to use a burr grinder. 

You can also use a good old-fashioned hand grinder, which isn’t the best option if you want a very precisely ground coffee but it is more cost-effective and - let’s be honest - a fun way of grinding your beans. It does take some manual effort, but it’s not called grinding for nothing!

Get grinding

First things first, measure out your beans. Around 2 tablespoons should be enough for a single cup of coffee, but depending on how strong you like your coffee you may want to add more or less. Then simply get grinding! The process will differ depending on your grinder; while a burr grinder requires minimum effort, you’ll need to get pumping if using a hand grinder. A blade grinder lies somewhere in between as you’ll need to pulse the beans to get them grinding. If they get stuck or the blade jams, just lift your grinder and give it a sharp shake. 

Looking for a new appliance? Head over to our equipment page for some inspo!


Grinding beans without a coffee grinder 

If you really want to enjoy super fresh, delicious coffee and get the most from your beans then purchasing a ginder is highly recommended. However, if you find yourself with a delicious bag of Presto beans but no grinder in sight then fear not; we have a few tried and tested ‘DIY grinds’. 

You can emulate a blade grinder by using a blender to get a medium to coarse coffee grind, which will work for a french press or drip coffee. We pride ourselves on Presto’s coffee being sustainable and having a minimal impact on the environment, and you can take this one step further by going completely electricity free and using a pestle and mortar, which with patience and power will eventually pound your beans down to your preferred grind level. 

Once you’ve nailed the perfect way to grind your coffee beans, venture further and try more of our other delicious coffee bean flavours - you might find your new favourite!


Grinding to a halt?

Grinding beans isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a grinder, or do you prefer your coffee to be ready in an instant without compromising on taste? We’re here for you. Try our delicious Italian Ground Espresso, which is available bagged or in a refillable tin, or our new Coffee Bags for a delicious cup of coffee brewed in less than 5 minutes. 

New to grinding coffee and want to share your experiences? Or perhaps you’re a pro-grinder and want to share some top tips? Follow and tag us @prestocoffeeroasters on Instagram or Facebook, we love hearing from you! 

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