How To Use A Coffee Bag

Step aside grinder, french press, bean to cup machine, v60, Chemex and instant. There is a new sheriff in town. 

Whenever we think about preparing coffee on our own, several images instantly come to mind. From french press to our v60 to a classic stove top, the amount of ways you can make a coffee can seem endless. But even as you identify an abundance of methods to get your daily fix of caffeine, the idea of making coffee from a small 8g bag sounds pretty unusual.

Coffee bags have not been on the coffee scene for very long, but they are making waves across the industry. Being a nation of tea drinkers the convenience of having a dunkable bag of coffee was inevitable, so why haven't we seen them sooner? Taylors launched a UK wide Television advertisement last year and since then we have seen the coffee bag market explode. Presto have just launched our own range of coffee bags, starting with our most  popular, smooth Espresso blend. Now we know more than anyone that nothing beats a proper coffee. But when you’re in a rush or out and about, we know it’s not always convenient to prepare. That’s why we’ve introduced coffee bags – an easier way to brew proper coffee with no mess or fancy brewing equipment needed. Just boil the kettle and you’re good to go.

New to coffee bags? Each bag has a story, starting from 'where do coffee beans come from.' Uncover the origins to truly savor your brew.

Considering the simplicity of these coffee bags, we’ve been surprised by the numbers of customers unsure when it comes to using them. So if you’re considering on making your first purchase and transition across to these nifty coffee bags, we thought we’d arm you with a simple step-by-step guide on how to use them: 

Step 1 

Open your bag of Presto’s coffee bags. 40 bags are nested packed into every pouch. These pouches are 100% recyclable (Check the link at the bottom of this article to check if your local council accepts this recyclable packaging) and resealable to keep that fresh coffee as fresh as possible. We’ve popped 8gs of fresh espresso roast coffee inside a bag 100% biodegradable bag. At the moment we only have one flavor to choose from but in the next couple of weeks our coffee bag range will expand to include a decaf, extra strong and a single origin. 

We have spent the last 6 months testing and perfecting the packaging for our coffee bags and now feel confident that this pouch will keep your coffee fresher for longer.  


Step 2

Put the kettle on. Remember to only fill the kettle with as much water as you might need. Filling it for one cup isn't the best practice for the environment. 


Step 3 

Pop 1 coffee bag into your favorite mug. The bag might be a bit bigger than what you’re familiar with (there is about 4x more coffee in our bags than traditional tea bags), but that's just to make sure there's the perfect amount of ground coffee to brew in a bag! 

Top tip - Using a wide mug will allow the bag to brew better and be a bit stronger.


Step 4 

After the kettle has boiled, wait 30 seconds (you don’t want to burn the coffee) then drench the bag just like you would a tea bag. Burning the coffee will return a bitter aftertaste, whenever you brew coffee make sure you don’t burn it. If you taste a burnt/bitter taste from your cup then now you know why! 



Step 5

Let your coffee bag sit for 3 to 4 minutes. If you usually like your coffee strong then leave it in for 4, if you prefer a lighter finish then 3 minutes should be plenty. The coffee bag will inflate a little, when it does press it against the side of your mug a few times, just to make sure you’re extracting as much of that coffee goodness as possible.



Step 6

Make sure you squeeze all of the water from the bag, then if you like your coffee with milk add a drop or two and sit back and enjoy.

It’s as easy as that!


These coffee bags are supporting the Rainforest Alliance NGO. Just by purchasing Presto’s Barista grade coffee bags you are actively supporting our movement to protect rainforests and support coffee growing communities around the world. 


Trying new things can be exciting but also daunting. Here at Presto we have your back with plenty of reviews and guides to show you exactly how everything works. Our goal is to inspire your inner barista. 


Click here to find out if our recyclable pouches are accepted by your council.

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