Brewing the Perfect Coffee: V60

Pour over coffee is a delicious way to enjoy a slow coffee morning. It's an enjoyable ritual for many and a very satisfying way to enjoy your morning brew. Recently, many coffee lovers have been joining in the new trend and incorporating this new ritual into their now slower, longer morning routines (thanks to no commute!).

But is the coffee really better this way? Since it's a longer brewing process, there's a more intricate flavor extraction. The slower the water filters through the grounds, the more flavor is extracted. So for many black coffee drinkers, this is a popular brewing method. 

Prefer a quicker alternative to pour-over coffee some days? Learn how to make instant coffee for a speedy yet satisfying cup.

Here's our step-by-step process to make the perfect pour over coffee:


Step 1

Place your V60 on heatproof mug or glass, suitable for brewing a coffee in.


Step 2

Add a filter, some V60's include a re-usable one, for others, filter paper is needed.


Step 3

Add fresh, ground coffee to the V60 – we recommend one rounded teaspoon each cup/4oz water.


Step 4

Slowly pour hot (not boiling) water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds, until they’re evenly saturated. Then pour additional hot water up to maximum capacity.


Step 5

Allow water to pass through the coffee into the borosilicate glass carafe (this takes around four minutes).


Step 6

Remove the filter, and pour a great cup of joe.

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