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House Filter

Our light, sweet and subtle House Filter Beans, pre-ground for when you need a delicious, easy drinker. Grown in the Brazilian hilltops, these filter coffee beans are full of flavour and given a light roast for a more nuanced taste. If you’re looking for a gentler brew, our filter is the way to go. As always, our beans are delivered at peak freshness for the tastiest cup of coffee imaginable.
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Coffee Profile

Our House Filter Ground is made from single origin, 100% arabica beans, grown in altitudes of 900-1100m in Mogiana, a region of Sao Paolo in Brazil. Growing coffee at these altitudes develops a sweet, full flavour profile. We then give them a light roast for a softer, more nuanced taste that goes down easily as a filter coffee. As always, we dispatch right after roasting to give you the freshest cup of coffee possible. The House Filter Ground is best prepared in a cafetiere, V60 drip or Chemex and is perfect enjoyed as a mid-afternoon brew.

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