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Decaf Filter

Decaf Filter

Ground Wholebean

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Decaf doesn’t mean de-taste. Made with arabican coffee beans from Mexico, our Decaf Filter offers a smooth, easy-drinking coffee that’s fully decaffeinated. A light roast with a sweet and balanced flavour, it’s perfect for a comforting brew later in the day. Choose whole bean for the freshest cup of coffee (and remember that we always deliver just after roasting for even better freshness).
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Coffee Profile

Our Decaf Filter Beans are 100% single origin Mexican arabica. Fully decaffeinated via mountain water process which is totally chemical free (decaf blends are often made using chemical solvents, which we think best to avoid), enjoy these light roast beans for a sweet and balanced flavour. Delivered to you freshly roasted for the best taste, we recommend drinking black or with a splash of milk. Best brewed in your cafetiere, V60 drip or Chemex.

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