How to become more sustainable in 2022

If there's one New Year's Resolution that we believe everyone should have this year, it's making more environmentally conscious choices. We know this can seem a little daunting to begin with, but it can actually be really simple. We're not suggesting you start farming your own vegetables and selling your car (but we're not going to stop you either!), but some smaller simple switches can make a great impact. 

Here's our key tips and tricks for reducing your own carbon footprint in 2022: 

1. Be conscious of packaging

Whether you're at the supermarket or shopping online, try to opt for products you know come with less non-recyclable packaging. So if it's fruit and vegetables, purchase them loose, or for beauty products, opt for those with less plastic waste such as solid shampoo bars, refillables or fully recyclable packaging. Of course we're going to bring it back to coffee and recommend ensuring the brand you choose uses environmentally conscious packaging. At Presto we use 100% recyclable packaging across our whole range, making it so easy to pop into your recycling bin at home rather than letting it end up in landfill. 

2. Eat less meat, fish and dairy

Switching to a plant-based diet can reduce food emissions by an incredible 73 per cent. For us coffee lovers, one of the most effective ways we can reduce our carbon emissions is by drinking our coffee black or opting for plant-based milks rather than dairy. If you're new to the plant-based milk scene, then we've got a great guide to help with your decisions.

3. Use public transport

Considering that cars are a major cause of global warming, using public transport is far more eco-friendly. Car shares are also another option if you’re not able to travel by bus or train.

3. Shop with environmentally conscious brands

Before making a purchase, do a little research into the brand you're buying from and find out more about their sustainability promises. When it comes to our coffee, we've opted for the most sustainable form of roasting: Air Roasting. This saves a whopping 70% of carbon emissions compared to the typical drum roaster. So make sure that each brand you shop with is doing their part for the environment.

5. Switch to renewable energy 
Moving away from fossil fuels is key to cutting carbon emissions, which is why switching to renewable energy is important. Look for companies that offer green energy tariffs; it might also be worth investigating whether solar panels could work for you.
6. Reduce Waste
Household waste contributes an average of 313kg of CO2 emissions a year, so it’s important to avoid sending rubbish to landfill where possible. That means recycle as much as you can and make sure you compost any leftovers (including your coffee grounds!).
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