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Dalgona coffee recipe

Dalgona Coffee is simply whipped and frothy iced coffee. This is made using instant coffee, milk, water as well as sugar. Dalgona is also known as frothy coffee, fluffy coffee or whipped coffee sometimes. There are two different layers in dalgona coffee that sit on top of iced milk, these are from iced milk.

Dalgona Coffee is simply whipped and frothy iced coffee. This is made using instant coffee, milk, water as well as sugar. Dalgona is also known as frothy coffee, fluffy coffee or whipped coffee sometimes. There are two different layers in dalgona coffee that sit on top of iced milk, these are from iced milk.

Dalgona coffee has been trending a lot. It first started trending in Korea around February 2020. Most people started making this coffee on their own instead of actually going to the coffee shop. The name dalgona originates from a spongy coffee candy from south Korea. There are several ingredients as well as recipes for making dalgona coffee.

The following are the tips to making Dalgona Coffee

Coffee Foam

Do not lower the sugar in the recipe to get the frothy and creamy texture. If you wish, you may add more. It is the sugar that contributes to the richness of the coffee.

Hot water

When whipping the coffee, use boiling water. The water must be quite hot. You won't obtain that creamy texture if the water isn't hot enough. Fill the measuring cup halfway with water, as directed in the recipe. Don't add any more.


Any granulated sugar will suffice. It might be white sugar or cane sugar that hasn't been refined. However, sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, or dates syrup should not be used. Only granulated sugar is effective.

Whipping the Coffee

When it comes to coffee, only use instant coffee; do not use any other sort of coffee. Use two types of beating while whipping the coffee mix. Beat in a clockwise direction first, then employ vertical zig-zag movements. Switchback and forth between the two.

Replace the milk with almond milk if you're a vegan. You can prepare dalgona coffee with almond milk, which would be delicious. You may also use cashew milk, soy milk (non-GMO), and oat milk.

Coffee, hot or cold:

You may make either hot or cold coffee. I've already discussed the iced coffee variant. Simply use hot milk instead of cold milk to make a hot coffee.

It's quite simple to make Korean Dalgona Coffee. All you'll need is a wired whisk and a bowl. You may also use a hand mixer, which is what we use to make cake batter and whip cream.

You must beat consistently with the whisk for 12 - 15 minutes when combining with the whisk, and certainly, this is an excellent arm exercise. So, let's get started.

What Is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee is created with instant coffee, sugar, hot water, as well as milk to make dalgona coffee whipped. Dalgona coffee is made by mixing instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together, according to recipes. Then continue to beat it until it forms a coffee-flavoured whipped cream/marshmallowy meringue. This coffee cream maintains its foamy, airy quality even after being mixed with cold milk. It makes a beverage that tastes more like a Starbucks Frappucino.

Origin Of Dalgona Coffee

The origins of Dalgona coffee may clearly be traced back to South Korea. It's said to have started when Jung II-Woo had whipped coffee in Macau (China) and discovered how much it tasted like a South Korean sweet. Dalgona

Furthermore, the Korean term dalguna means "sweet." Also available is dalgona, a typical South Korean sweet. We'll go through the history of Dalgona coffee in more depth below.

Dalgona coffee is thought to have originated in Macau. Other probable origins include India, Pakistan, or Greece. Although some people disagree on where Dalgona coffee originates, the term Dalgona has South Korean roots. Even India and Pakistan have been suggested as possible origins, but this is also hotly contested.

For a long time, beaten or whipped coffee has been popular in Pakistan and India. Here, instant coffee and hot water are combined to make a frothy coffee. Macau may be the most obvious and likely location of origin since Jung II-Woo ordered and marketed this coffee beverage in Macau. But, milk is put on the whipped mixture in such countries, which is not the same as viral Dalgona.

However, what is known now as Dalgona coffee may be born from that coffee named phenti hui or phitti hui. In addition in Greece, there is a coffee called Frappe Coffee that is ingredient-like with Dalgona coffee. It is created with coffee and foamy milk served over crushed ice.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe

If you're interested in making Dalgona Coffee at home, there are several coffee recipes you may use. Here's a straightforward step-by-step Dalgona Coffee recipe.


Instant Coffee: To prepare dalgona coffee, you'll need 2 tsp instant coffee. This dalgona coffee recipe relies heavily on instant coffee. Don't be a coffee connoisseur!

Sugar: To prepare dalgona coffee, you'll need 2 spoonfuls of sugar. The sugar in the recipe aids in stabilising the froth and whipping it to the fluffiest state possible. However, keep in mind that you use the same quantity of sugar as instant coffee. If you prefer black coffee or simple coffee beverages such as cappucinos and Americanos, dalgona coffee is likely to be too sweet for you.

Hot Water: To prepare dalgona coffee, you'll need 2 tablespoons of boiling water. This recipe is best made with hot, boiling, hot water that has just been boiled. Hot water helps dissolve the instant coffee as well as sugar quickly, resulting in a fluffier, frother dalgona coffee.

Milk: To prepare dalgona coffee, you'll require 1 cup of milk or equivalent plant-based milk. Non-dairy options to dalgona coffee are available. Cow's milk, oat milk, and nut milk are the finest combinations for coffee cream.


Combine the sugar, coffee, and water in a small mixing basin. Vibrantly whip the coffee mixture with a hand or stand mixer or a whisk until it becomes silky smooth and glossy, then keep beating until it thickens and retains its lofty, frothy form. (It will take 8–12 minutes to achieve ideal fluffiness if whisked by hand.)

Next, you should pour ice cubes and milk into a glass. After that, dollop and then swirl up the mixed coffee. You can also mix the coffee cup before you start drinking it if you want. 

Then spoon the coffee cream into the glass in which you poured the iced milk, you can use a rubber spatula or cookie dough scoop for this. 


Can I use ground coffee to make dalgona?

Even if you grind it too finely, if you're using premium ground coffee, this won't work. There is a distinction between instant coffee and ground coffee. Ground coffee is created by grinding Whole Bean Coffee into a fine or coarse powder. A coffee grinder may be used to accomplish this at home.

Instant coffee is produced from roasted raw beans that are ground and brewed. Following that, the water from the freshly brewed coffee is removed, leaving dried crystals. As a result, water is added to the crystals to make a cup of coffee.

Instant coffee, on the other hand, resembles Demerara or raw sugar crystals, whereas ground coffee appears like ground up coffee. Many people can't create instant coffee granules at home because they require freeze-dried equipment.

Do I have to use sugar?

You may technically omit the sugar.  Whereas the coffee cream whips up, it does not become stable, light and fluffy.  So, in addition to flavour, the sugar is there to aid in the formation of a frothy, meringue-like structure in the coffee. Yours may never appear as fluffy and light without the sugar. If you insist on lowering the sugar, don't go below 1 tablespoon.

You may also use different types of sugar in place of the sugar. While dalgona coffee is usually prepared with white granulated sugar, some people have found that brown sugar works just as well.

What kind of sugar can I use for dalgona coffee?

Dalgona coffee can be made with a variety of sugars. You can use white sugar, brown sugar, or coconut sugar, for example. Dalgoa coffee can also be made with light or dark brown sugar. All of these sugars have a pleasant flavour. However, if you use brown sugar or coconut sugar instead of white sugar, the coffee will not whip up as much. This is owing to the fact that brown sugar and coconut sugar are heavier than white sugar and contain a lot of moisture.

How do I store dalgona coffee?

Dalgona coffee lasts a remarkable amount of time. Gently spoon the coffee cream into a sealed container, such as a tupperware or jar, if you don't plan on using it straight away. Put it in the fridge for up to 3 days before serving. However, if you've thrashed it into oblivion, putting it away is the best option. Whip it until it has the texture of whipped cream; peaks should form when a whisk is swiftly inserted into the middle of the milk frother and flipped upside down. But, after about three days, it loses its fluffy structure and reverts to liquid coffee.

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