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The Best Coffee Subscription Box in 2021

There's an exciting new trend in the delicious world of coffee: Coffee subscription boxes. Gone are the days when you ran out of ground and had to forgo your morning brew. Today, coffee is delivered directly to your door. 

There's an exciting new trend in the delicious world of coffee: Coffee subscription boxes. Gone are the days when you ran out of ground and had to forgo your morning brew. Today, coffee is delivered directly to your door. 

Now that's a present worth waking to.

Except, Brits are still hung up on instant coffee. With 67 percent of us swilling down the stuff, compared to 7 percent on the continent. That's a tragedy. Instant coffee has its place – especially our innovative new microground instant coffee (Go on, give it a try). But there's a world of tastes and aromas out there. That's where the best coffee subscription boxes help.

Hand-selected and crafted: these boxes provide barista-quality coffee in the comforts of home. The only problem is choice. With dozens of contenders on the market, we've stepped up to uncover the ultimate coffee subscription boxes. 

Here are the reigning champions: the best coffee subscription boxes around.

How much is a coffee subscription box?

First, how much will you need to fork out?

That all depends on what you're after. Coffee subscription boxes work on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. The longer you commit, the cheaper the price gets. Still, expect to pay between £7-10 for a 227g bag of coffee beans per month. In some, you'll get a few more beans; in others, less. There's no industry standard. 

If you want the best quality beans, you'll need to spend a little extra, however. Still, it often works out similar to buying coffee from your local shop or favourite online store. Just without the hassle of having to leave home. 

What is the best coffee subscription?

Presto Coffee Subscription

Now, it wouldn't say much if we didn't recommend our fabulous subscription service.

Unlike other subscription services that choose your beans for you, here at Presto, we put choice at the heart of our business. The customer drives our passion. That's why we let you pick your beans and select your dates. The result: the most flexible subscription service on the market. 

You'll get a ten per cent discount on all our products: from the chocolatey House Espresso Beans through to our dark, sultry Rocket Roast

If you want to pause the subscription, feel free to do so. Then dive back in, at any time, to receive your absolute favourites. You'll never run out again!

Sign up for Presto's Coffee subscription today.

Rave Coffee Boxes

Neat and tidy in a crisp, brown box, you'll find a 250g bag of beans and a detailed brew guide. Here, you'll find the coffee details, the farm's story, and numerous processes listed. If you want to expand your repertoire or coffee vocab, you can't go far wrong with rave. 

It costs £7.95 per bag. But the wonder of rave isn't just the beans, but the monthly lesson. Soon you'll be debating the pros of Arabica vs. Robusta, ristretto, or espresso. All while sipping down delicious coffee.

Farrers Coffee Subscription

Heritage. Flavour. Experience. That's the promise of Farrers: they've been going since 1819! Their small roastery is nestled in the beautiful Lake District, and their coffee is as fresh as the local air. It's roasted daily. So, when you're baffled by options, you're guaranteed a reliable brew. 

You can choose from their entire range, as well as their pod selection. It doesn't give you the variety of other boxes. But then Farrers is about a tradition, providing a stalwart brew for every occasion. At £7.95, the price is reasonable too. 

Got some instant coffee in your subscription box? Discover how to make instant coffee like a pro with our guide

What is the best coffee of the month club?

Variety is the spice of life. So, spice up your morning brew with coffee from around the world. Coffee of the month clubs select a delectable bean, roast it up, and send it straight to you. Whether you want to try for a month or a few, it'll let you experience globe-spanning flavours. Exploring coffee subscriptions? Understanding caffeine content can help you choose the right box. Our 'How Much Caffeine is in Coffee' article can guide you.

Batch Coffee Boxes

One of the best coffee subscription boxes available. Batch began as the dream of Tom Saxon: globe-trotter and coffee fanatic. His goal: to deliver world-beating coffee to your door. Every month you'll receive two unique bags of beans to explore. They're not roasted by Batch, however. Instead, they select from the best independent coffee roasters in the UK. But don't worry, the Batch team taste and choose the beans themselves. (It's a tough life for some!) 

You'll never know what you're going to get. So, there's always that hint of anticipation when the box slides through the letterbox. Looks like Christmas came early!

What are the best monthly box subscriptions?

Perky Blinders Speciality Coffee

Who doesn't love a good pun? But, thankfully, Perky Blinders isn't as raw as the TV show: their coffees are rich and delicious. For just £8 a month, you'll receive a 200g bag of beans or ground. With some of the freshest beans available – they're literally roasted the day before sending – you'll get one of the brightest cups on the market. Here, fun meets flavour.

You can order monthly, but if you fall in love with their coffee, you can join their six-week club. That's a 200g bag of coffee every week for six weeks. Just try to avoid getting the jitters!

Monmouth Coffee Company

Prefer quality over quantity? That's Monmouth coffee boxes in a nutshell. For a pricey £31, you'll receive one 250g bag of coffee every month for three months. If you fancy a little more, they'll send you two complimentary coffees. 

Inside the chic brown box, you'll find the bag – note the coffee type by the coloured tag – and a brief description of your coffee. With Monmouth, there's no fanfare, no fuss. The focus is all on the outstanding coffee. If you've got the cash to spare, consider splashing out. 

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