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Delonghi Magnifica Esam 4 200 review

The DeLonghi is a fully automatic coffee machine that works with any type of coffee, including coffee beans and pre-ground coffee. You can choose the type of coffee to use based on your preferences. Pre-ground coffee can be a great alternative, especially if you like decaffeinated coffee. These coffee machines have a pre-ground coffee function; you can find this on the electronic display if you want to use pre-ground coffee.


Key Features Of The Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200

  • Fully automated Bean to Cup coffee machines
  • Manual Milk Froth Arm that produces Milky and creamy coffees
  • Strength and water quantity settings
  • Detachable brewing unit
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Eco functionality that saves energy
  • Steam wand
  • Thermoblock feature that maintains the brewing temperature
  • Works with fresh beans as well as ground coffee
  • 13 coarseness settings
  • Width: 28.5cm, Depth: 37.5cm, Height: 36cm


Works With Coffee Beans Or Pre Ground Coffee

The DeLonghi is a fully automatic coffee machine that works with any type of coffee, including coffee beans and pre-ground coffee. You can choose the type of coffee to use based on your preferences. Pre-ground coffee can be a great alternative, especially if you like decaffeinated coffee. These coffee machines have a pre-ground coffee function; you can find this on the electronic display if you want to use pre-ground coffee.


15 Bar Pump

When making coffee, pressure is significant. If you want the perfect coffee, this machine will not disappoint you. The machine has a high-grade 15 bar pump; this ensures that the pressure you get is perfect enough for making coffee. The results of the coffee produced are not different from that produced by professionals in some of your favourite cafes.


One Touch Automatic Programmes

One press functions for making your coffee are the epitome of DeLonghi simplicity. The pre-programmed one-touch cycles will provide reliable results every time, from coffee beans to a hot mug. The ESAM4200 manual explains each preset in-depth, as well as how to further than that.


Water Pressure And Temperature

Water pressure and temperature are critical factors when it comes to coffee making. This machine has the perfect water pressure provided by the 15 bat pump, ensuring that you make the perfect coffee.

The temperature also affects the final result; the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200 has a feature called the thermoblock, which helps maintain the temperature and keep it consistent during brewing. An instant reheat feature is also available.


Fast coffee – quick warm-up time.

This machine is very convenient when it comes to waiting for grey coffee. The machine has an excellent warm-up time of 30 to 60 seconds which is very quick and lets you have your coffee early if you are late for work or any other tasks.


Good Espresso

The quality of the espresso that the Delonghi ESAM 4200 produces is exceptional. Most coffee lovers are also pleased with the quality of the espresso, according to most reviews. Although the quality will also depend on the type of beans you use, make sure to use great Whole Bean Coffee to get the best results. Why not look at Presto coffee's freshly ground beans as we offer a wide variety such as Brazilian Blend Coffee BeansCrema Espresso Coffee BeansDecaf Coffee Beans and more.

Capable of proper microfoam for Latte art!

With this machine, you can be able to produce coffee with a lovely and shiny micro-foam. You will also be able to make a latte, macchiato, flat whites, double espresso, and cortado/piccolo. Creating all these is very easy, and you can use Panarello wands to create them.

Fairly Quiet grinding – enjoy your morning coffee without waking up the street.

The machine has a very quiet integrated grinder with multiple grind settings, making it perfect for making coffees even at night without disturbing other people in the house.

This does not make use of any metal burrs. This is why it is quiet when compared to other coffee machines.

Big water tank & easy to fill


The coffee machine has a big tank which is 1.8l. This is a good-sized tank and perfect for an espresso machine.

Accessing and filling this tank is also very easy. You can access it from the front side of the machine. You can simply pull it out and place it under a tap, then slide it back in.


Big drip tray

This machine has a drip tray that has a lot of space. This ensures that you don't have to empty the tray constantly when making a new cup of coffee.


Easy maintenance

Maintaining that Magnifica is easy. It has a front part that can be opened. This allows you to remove the drip tray easily. It also has a puck collector. You can also clean the drip tray and the puck collector. The inside of the front machine is also easy to clean; you can use a soft cloth or wiper.

The machine also has this auto maintenance cycle that is done whenever the machine is switched on. It also has a descaler solution for easy maintenance.

Milk Frothing Arm

The Magnifica is equipped with a frothy heat arm; this is used for heating and top your drinks by creating a light foam. Although this is not the best machine for a latte, it still performs very well compared to another espresso machine in the same price range.

2 Year Guarantee

DeLonghi's standard two-year warranty protects the ESAM4200, so you will not have to stress about mechanical failures. You will be a coffee master after the two years are up, so you'll probably be looking for a bigger and better fully automatic coffee machine.


Appearance and Design

The Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200 features a stylish style that will fit in with any kitchen design. Silver and black are the two colour options. There's even a control panel with a knob. Although it lacks the sophisticated LED panels found on more recent machines, some prefer a more realistic control system.

Instead of metal, the exterior is mostly plastic. This isn't a big flaw because it doesn't seem cheap or tacky.

Delonghi has put a lot of work into developing the ESAM 4200 while keeping the price within the scope of the average coffee lover. It has a modern brewing unit, a thermoblock, a redesigned brewing system, and a dual boiler system. The thermoblock is used to ensure that the temperature is at a constant level.

The dimensions of this machine are 28.5 x 37.5 x 36 cm. It has a weight of 10kg, which makes it a little bulky.

Although it isn't the most compact coffee maker, it is built to be simple to operate. Espresso can be easily made by pressing the required cups; the machine takes care of the rest.

To understand most features, you will have to read the manuals as this will give you a clear understanding of the features that this machine has. After that, everything should be easy enough and self-explanatory.

The Magnifica also has a 15 bar pump pressure as well as a brewing unit. These help in ensuring that the best espresso is made. The Magnifica contains two spouts that can be used to brew espresso cups at the same time. This is an excellent choice if you have a friend over. This is a great feature as some other machines only have one spout. The spout height can so be easily adjusted based on the cup that you are using.

The machine also gives you a choice to use pre-ground coffee. This feature is perfect for people that drink decaf. In addition, the machine also has an upgraded grinder; this is quiet and good for nighttime coffee. On the other hand, the been grinding is loud.

There is also a water tank that is 1.8 litres. This tank is very to handle, refill as well as clean. To clean the tank, you have to remove the top and then clean the tank. It also allows you to know the water level.

One drawback of the design of this machine is that it has confusing warning lights. One can easily get confused with the lights. A manual can greatly help you know what the lights mean if you keep them close. The good part is that this machine has no reliability complaints in all the years it has been on the market. Therefore, it's a great option if you want a machine that's simple and durable.


Coffee Customization

One of the most significant advantages of this fully automatic coffee machine is the ability to adjust and customize your settings based on your taste. The Magnifica gives you a lot of options as well as settings for you to do that.

This grinder boasts 13 coarseness settings in total. This gives you a chance to fine-tune the taste of your coffee. Grind coarseness can also affect the rate of extraction.

It also has other settings that let you change the water quantity, coffee quantity, cup size, and temperature.

A hard water setting that is programmable also allows you to change the brewing process based on the water composition in your local area.

There is also a dial system that is used to adjust the taste. A coffee strength dial will help change the number of beans you will use in your brewer.

Another dial is used to adjust the coffee cup size; this ensures that the coffee delivered is in the right amount.

However, it does not have an option that allows you to save your settings. Therefore, you will have to remember your favourite coffee options every time.

Espresso Taste

It is effortless to make long coffee, espresso, or ristretto. It's even easier if you know your favourite settings. This machine gives you a great espresso with rich creme, and the taste provides consistency. Therefore, every time you make coffee, you will get this fantastic and wonderful coffee sensation.

I would go as far as saying this is similar to the espresso machines you get in coffee shops, but now you can have one in your own home without spending thousand pounds. For the best results, it is a good idea to use pre-warmed cups. You can also switch off the Eco mode if the espresso you are getting is not hot enough for you.

Other Coffee Taste

This machine lacks an automatic milk frother. For milky coffees, you will need to use a cappuccino maker. However, the device has a frothing arm that is operated manually. This is also called a cappuccino system. The machine produces a cream foam that has an exquisite taste. To make a perfect coffee, make sure to practice a lot.

It will take several minutes for you to switch the coffee from the steam function. On the other hand, changing from coffee to steam function is done instantly.


Ease of Cleaning

The ESAM4200 is very easy to clean. This coffee machine needs to be clean regularly to ensure that it lasts long. It would be best if you cleaned the drip tray, the ground coffee container, spouts, funnel, infuser, water tank, and the inside of the machine.

These tasks are simple and easy. The manual also provides instructions on cleaning the machine and using other features to clean the device, like the descaling feature, which auto cleans the machine.

The inside of the machine can be very tricky when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, take your time when cleaning this part. To prevent the build-up of limescale, cleaning tablets may need to be used.


Other Features

This machine has several features. Some of the features are:

  • Drip tray level indicator
  • Empty water container indicator
  • Shut off function
  • Stand by function
  • Empty bean container indicator
  • Energy-saving function
  • Mug warmer


Value for Money

The Delonghi Magnifica is the perfect machine for the price it comes at. Although it is not the cheapest machine, this is highly versatile and durable; most machines in this price range can't compare to the Delonghi Magnifica.

Although it's is not as fancy, advanced and as intelligent as other new models. The ESAM4200 is an excellent cup machine that produces tasty espresso as well as aromatic coffees. It looks great on your kitchen worktop and gives you a home baristas look which we think is essential for any coffee lovers


How Easy Is It To Use The Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200?

Using the Delonghi Magnifica is very easy. It offers a lot of features that let you make the best coffee. Most of the work is also done by the machine. People invest in this coffee machine to avoid all the trouble of making coffee using the traditional process. This machine will let you make freshly ground as well as high-quality coffee hassle-free.

Pre Programmed Button Menu

The machine has a one-button menu that is pre-programmed. There is also a water tank with a large capacity. This tank has a minimum refill of 1.8 litres. The machine also lets you make two coffees simultaneously using the spouts.

Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

The Delonghi Magnifica is straightforward to clean. The unit is removable, which allows you to clean it easily. It also has a removable drip tray. On top of that, there is the plus rinse and decalcification auto programmed features that can be adjusted to let you know how clean the machine is. The machine also notifies you when descaling is needed.

The only drawback here would be that the machine is primarily manual instead of automatic.

The Inbuilt Coffee Grinder

This Magnifica also lets you change the grind according to your preference. Not only that, but it also allows you to change the amount of coffee as well as water based on your personal preference. The machine also allows you to use pre-ground coffee.

The Milk Frother

The Delonghi Magnifica has a manual frother. It contains a milk frothing arm that helps you produce a thick coffee as well as cream. This is also perfect for making milky coffees like latte, macchiato as well as cappuccino. It also has a temperature control feature that helps maintain the temperature to achieve the best combination between milk, steam, and air.

Adjustable Dispenser

The type of cups used can also depend on the coffee types. One of the benefits of using the Magnifica is that it can accommodate all coffee cup sizes. This machine can easily be adjusted to accommodate single espresso mugs, latte glasses, mugs, and so on. This also helps in preventing splashes as well as spillage. There is also a feature that lets you warm the cup beforehand.


Dealing With The Cup Warmer

One of the drawbacks of this machine is that the cup warmer takes a long to heat up. A quicker process is to boil the kettle, then warm the cup before starting the coffee-making process.


  • It has pre-programmed buttons
  • The water pump that provides the perfect pressure
  • It has a grinder that is quieter as compared to other grinders
  • Boasts two spouts
  • It has a milk frothing arm that gives the ideal temperature for your coffee
  • Cleaning and maintaining it is effortless
  • It has a two-year warranty
  • Allows you to adjust the size of the cups


  • The machine can be slow
  • It requires regular maintenance
  • It does not allow one to store


Frequently asked questions?

How long does a DeLonghi Magnifica last?

Brewing coffee can be a dirty process. However, for the coffee machine to last a long time, you will have to clean it and ensure it is well maintained. The Delonghi Magnifica will last for 2 to 3 years on average. This can last more years depending on how much you care for it. It also has some cleaning and maintenance features. The machine has a descaling, cleaning, and rinsing system that ensures that the machine is kept clean and well maintained all the time.

How do you turn off the descaling light on a DeLonghi Magnifica?

To turn off the descaling light on your machine, you will need to perform the descaling process again until it's completed. This is because some steps may have been missed or unrecognized by the machine, leading to this problem.

Can I use vinegar to descale my DeLonghi Magnifica?

Yes. Vinegar can be used to descale this coffee machine.

What's the difference between the DeLonghi Magnifica and Magnifica S?

The differences between the two are the size, beans capacity, dispensing level, display, and controls. The Magnifica S has a larger container, lighter, and more compact design as compared to the Magnifica. The Magnifica S also offers more intelligent features like a broader range of dispensing levels and improved controls display than the Magnifica.

How do I reset my Delonghi Magnifica?

To reset your Delonghi Magnifica, you first switch off your machine. You should also unplug it from the power source.

Once that is done, you should press and hold the "A cup" button, "two cups" button, and the "/" button; this should all be done at the same time. You will notice that the A cup, the two cups, and steam displays will all flash simultaneously. This is when you should release the buttons. You have now successfully reset the machine to its factory settings. Once the process is complete, you will not notice any LED display flashing.

How do you use ground coffee in Delonghi Magnifica S?

There is a ground coffee function in your Delonghi Magnifica S. This is an excellent choice for making decaffeinated coffee. To use ground coffee in your machine, you should first change the setting to pre-ground coffee. You can do this in the electronic display or by using the strength dial. Then add a suitable amount (e.g. one scoop) of the coffee and press the cup you want to deliver the coffee. If required, the machine should be set back to the grind beans function.

How to descale delonghi magnifica

When the lime lamp of the coffee machine is burning, you will need to descale it. This involves carving out a series of steps.

To descale the Magnifica, start by filling the water tank with any descaling agent.

Then switch on the coffee machine; you can do this using the on button.

After that, get rid of all the water or filter in the water tank.

Pour at least 100ml of the descaling agent into the machine's water tank up to level A and then add water to fill the tank to level B. You should then put a container under the steam pipe.

Switch the dealing program on, press the button for at least 5 seconds until you noticed that the light has stopped flashing and is in a solid colour. This indicates that your machine is now in a descaling mode.

Open the steam knob fully; hot water starts to flow out of the machine. When the water tank is empty, the coffee machine will automatically stop.

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