Best Filter Coffee Machines

Since there are so many options on the market, finding the right filter coffee machine can be challenging. Typically, customers looking for these devices want to brew big pots of coffee, set a timer for a fresh pot, and quickly make coffee at their preferred strength. The devices in this article are useful in various situations, and you can need even more than one based on your requirements. Allow this article to serve as a guide for learning more about the best filter coffee machines.


Why a Filter Machine?

Strong coffee with a great taste can be made with a filter machine. If you're making coffee with ground coffee grains, a filter machine is a great option. Permanent filters or paper filters can be used in some filter machines, and a mixture of both can be used in others.

Making coffee with a filter machine is a quick and straightforward process. On top of that, you make delicious coffee. Filter machines are also available at a reasonable cost. It's simple to use because all you have to do is add coffee and water, and your coffee will be ready with a few pushes of a button.

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How do filter coffee machines work?

Filter machines use a straightforward principle. First, water is poured over the ground coffee. This will then drop your pot. Different coffee filter machines have different ways that can be used to enhance your coffee; therefore, the rest may depend on the filter machine you are using.


How to buy the best filter coffee machines?

To buy the best filter coffee machine, there are certain factors that you need to consider:

Paper filters vs permanent filters: consider whether you want to use paper filters or permanent filters. Some filter machines have a permanent filter, while others use paper filters. Paper filters also give you coffee with a good flavour and without any grains of coffee in your cup. Permanent filters also do a perfect job.

Pour-over method or showerhead: You also need to consider the type of method you want your machine to use when pouring water over your coffee. Some machines pour water basically like a tap, while others use a more advanced feature called a shower head that pours water by spraying over your coffee.

You should also consider if you want to have fresh coffee when you wake up. Some machines can be pre-programmed so that you have coffee at the time you want.

Strength of the coffee: Certain machines allow you to select the strength of your coffee. This works by regulating how slow or fast your water pressure is to produce a strong or mild coffee.


What is the average filter coffee machine price?

An average filter coffee machine will cost around £50. Some machines can cost lower than that while others cost higher than that. The price will also be influenced by extra features like a removable water tank, programmable timers, and so on.


How much do I need to spend to get a decent filter coffee machine?

To get a decent filter coffee machine, you may spend as low as £10 to £150 or way more than that. The features you are looking for will determine the amount you spend on your filter coffee machine.


The different types of filtered coffee machines

There are a lot of types of filter coffee machines. The amount of money you want to spend also helps to determine what kind of machine to go for.

There are some standard filter coffee machines as well as other fancier models. All these have different features. Below are the types of coffee filter machines with their pros and cons.


Standard filter coffee machines

These machines have been there since the 1970s/80s. These work by beating water as it passes through a tube and then drips the water on ground coffee. This is an inexpensive choice, and you can find some at £15. However, some cost way more than that.

Pros: Very affordable and easy to find

Cons: The process of making coffee may vary between machines


Pour-over filter coffee machines

This is a fancy type of filter coffee machine; it uses the pour-over technique to wet the coffee. Then water is poured over the grounds to produce a coffee that is rich as well as complex. Most coffee machines now use this technology. With this technique, the water is heated at once; then a pour-over method is created using the controlled pouring system.

Pros: Coffee produced tastes good

Cons: They can be expensive, and some models have a longer brewing time


Grind and brew filter coffee machines

These machines work by grinding coffee beans to give you fresh and tasty coffee. When you switch on the coffee machine, the coffee beans will be grounded; this can be done in the filter or another compartment. Then the coffee is brewed. Some use pre-ground coffee.

Pros: They produce the freshest cup of coffee.

Cons: The process can produce a lot of noise


Which filter coffee machine features do I need?

When looking for a filter coffee machine, these are certain factors that you need to look for to ensure that you get the best filter coffee machine. You may have to consider some of the features that include auto switch off, insulated jugs, removable water tank, showerhead, and programmable timer.


Insulated jug

Glass jugs are a common choice. However, some filters include a jig that is insulated. This helps in keeping the coffee warm for a long time. You will not need a warming plate.


Programmable timer

This convenient function allows you to program the machine to turn on and begin brewing at a specific time, which is especially useful if you enjoy the idea of waking up to a pot of brewed coffee.


Removable water tank

Some filter machines have a fixed tank, while others have a removable tank. With a fixed tank, you will not be able to remove your tank, and you are limited on where to place your coffee machine. On the other hand, removable tanks make it easy for you to use your appliance.



A showerhead can be used in both regular and pour-over versions. This means that instead of a single stream of water, a fine spray of water is sprayed over the coffee grounds. The concept is that it will uniformly wet the coffee, ensuring a smooth brew.


What are the best filter coffee machines?


Difference Between Paper and Permanent Coffee Filters

Paper filters are one-time use and do not need to be cleaned. It saves you the time and effort of washing up after the coffee has been brewed, as well as a lot of maintenance.

Permanent filters are reusable coffee filters that significantly change the flavour of your coffee. A permanent coffee filter is an excellent one-time investment choice if you want an inexpensive way to get a great cup of coffee.


Best Filter Coffee Machines You Can Buy For Freshly Brewed Coffee?

Geepas Filter Coffee Machine

The geepas filter coffee machine has over 1500 reviews with a rating of 88% based on customer satisfaction. The performance of this machine is impressive to most customers.

The coffee maker uses a tank with a capacity of 1.5l. With this machine, you will be able to make about 12 cups of coffee. There is an auto shut-off feature, when. The water level is too low; this machine will automatically turn off. It uses a removable permanent filter. Therefore you can also use paper-based filters. It also has a two-year warranty.


Russell Hobbs 24210 Compact Filter Coffee Machine

A very popular coffee filter machine that has also been in the market for some time. It has reviewed over 5500. It has a buyer satisfaction rate of 92%, and this is excellent.

This machine makes use of a permanent filter. This is also removable and easy to maintain. It also allows you to use paper filters if that's your preference. The capacity is 1.25l; it lets you make up to 10 cups. There is a pause and pour feature, an auto-clean feature as well as a water indicator.


Morphy Richards Accents Filter Coffee Machine

The buyer satisfaction rate of this filter coffee machine is 88%, with over 1600+ online reviews. This model has a lot of great features, including a programmable timer. The filter machine also has a pour-over technology which helps in ensuring that your coffee has a full and rich flavour.

It also creates a coffee with a smooth flavour using the reusable cupcake filter. The tank is 1.8 litres and can produce up to 12 cups of coffee. In addition, it allows you to adjust the strength.


Programmable OR Non-programmable?

Do you want to start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee?

Keep in mind that after pressing the brew button, you will have a cup or more ready to drink in less than 5 minutes.

A programmable machine gives you the option of choosing when the machine makes the coffee. Adding the programmable function will not hurt.


Swan SK13130N Filter Coffee Machine

This is a filter machine by Swan brand. This machine has been on the market for quite a long time; you will find 2000+ reviews online. It also has a buyer satisfaction of 88%.

The machine has a simple design. It uses a tank that is 750ml. It also has other great features, including the LCD timer that has a lot of programming choices. Not only that, but there is also a warming plate that ensures the coffee stays at the right temperature for at least 2 hours. Other features include auto shut off, 24-hour timer delay, boil-dry protection, and anti-drip function.


Melitta Look IV Filter Coffee Machine

This filter coffee machine has a buyer satisfaction rating of 94% either over 7000 online reviews. It comes in black as well as white models. There is also a black-brushed steel model and a white-brushed steel model. With this machine, you can get up to 10 large cups of coffee. It gives you 15 small cups. It uses paper filters and has a timer.

Other features include calcification display, auto-off feature, descaling program, detachable filter, and water hardness level programming feature.


Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine

This has an outstanding design and quality. It includes some of the best features to ensure that the coffee made is of the best quality. The machine has a rating of 98% based on buyer satisfaction. Its reviews are over 100. It is not the most affordable filter machine, but it has excellent features. The coffee maker has a 1.25l water tank that can produce 10 cups of coffee quickly. There is also an auto shut off feature. The machine maintains a temperature of 92-96 degrees Celsius.


Sage Precision Brewer Filter Coffee Machine

The Sage precision brewer coffee machine is a high-end coffee maker that brews coffee using the filter process. The machine lets you select from a variety of flavour profiles, including fast, heavy, and gold. The system adjusts to your preferences; it also enables you to choose a brew served over ice. There is also a My Brew feature that lets you set the default brew to the one you use a lot. It has anti-slip feet that help to keep it from on your kitchen counter. The sage precision brewer has over 100 reviews online.


Delonghi ICM15210.1 Filter Coffee Machine

This coffee machine has been on the market for some time. It has a buyer satisfaction rating of 90%, and there are 700+ buyer reviews online. The brand of this machine is the Italian brand called Delonghi. Based on all the reviews online, we can conclude that this machine sells well and customers are satisfied with it.

The machine has good features; for example, there is a non-drip feature, and it lets you remove the jug anytime when the coffee is being brewed. There is a water level display. The machine makes use of paper filters, and there is an auto shut off feature. With this, you will be able to produce ten larger cups of coffee and 15 small cups of coffee.


Filter coffee machines

Filtering coffee is a method of brewing coffee to make it strong and add a unique flavour. Most hotels in the UK use this method for their coffee. You will also find this in most cafes as well as restaurants.

The method involves hanging ground coffee grains that are thick. Then, you flood these grains with hot water and filter them. Filtering can be done using a permanent filter or a paper filter, as well as both. This helps you make strong coffee. Filtering is essential as it ensures that you do not have any grains at the bottom of your cup.

This filtering method so has many advantages; it is an easy way to make coffee and produces coffee that has a great taste. In addition, filter machines are affordable as compared to some types of coffee machines. A disadvantage is that freshly brewed coffee tastes better, but it will not hold its heat for a long time.


How important is the water temperature?

Coffee tastes best when it is brewed at a temperature between 92 and 96 degrees. Most devices may attempt to maintain this temperature, however parts to ensure that this occurs prohibitively costly, and also, most people are reluctant to pay for it.


Best Filter Coffee Machine - Keeping the Coffee Warm

The best filter coffee ma homes have a keep warm system, for example, a warming ring that helps to keep your coffee warm so that you can easily sip on it at any time. On most machines, this is only for a period of up to 1 hour; then you get lukewarm coffee.


Best bean to cup filter coffee machine?

Generally, great filter machines are the ones that can freshly grind coffee beans and produce the best and freshest coffee. Machines that can do this as more expensive than the other machines; however, the taste of coffee they give is exceptional and hard to beat. Cleaning and using such machines also require a lot of effort.

The prices of bean to cup coffee machines are the range from £350 to £1000. The main goal of these machines is to give the freshest and most flavoured coffee. These machines will grind coffee beans in seconds, extract the flavour, and make espresso, all that within a few minutes.


Best Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine: Breville VCF126 Barista Max Coffee Machine

This is a stylish bean to cup coffee machine. It works with both beans as well as ground coffee. Assembling this coffee bean is very easy, the water tank is huge and it has a pump that produces just the right amount of pressure. The temperature is consistent.


Difference Between Paper and Permanent Coffee Filters

Coffee machines will need to have a filter. This helps in ensuring that the coffee jug is not filled with grains. There are two types of filters, permanent coffee filters and permanent coffee filters.

Between permanent and paper filters, there is a significant distinction. The paper filter significantly decreases the number of fine coffee particles which may end up in your cup. The coffee's body or mouthfeel becomes thicker as the fines increase.

The benefits of paper filters are self-evident. Since they are disposable, there is no need to clean them. They also have a lighter body and improve taste clarity.

A paper filter is finer than a permanent filter, which will allow some larger particles to pass through it. On the other hand, these particles and the oils contained in coffee are held back by the paper filter. These Coffee oils have flavour and aromatic compounds that will alter the taste of the coffee.


Which is best?

Which is best, permanent filters or paper filters? Permanent filters are an affordable option and do not require a lot of maintenance. They also do a good job. However, paper filters are a better choice when it comes to the job they do. This is because they can capture some very dusty fine grains.

The downside of paper filters is that they require maintenance, making them a costly choice. Some flavour is also lost but not too much for everyone to notice.


How long do filter coffee machines take for freshly brewed coffee?

Filter coffee machines usually have a brewing time of 5-6 minutes; this is a good time. However, if you notice that your coffee is too sour or thin, then the machine might be brewing too fast. And if the coffee is good heavy or bitter, then the machine may be taking a long time to brew. Therefore, you can adjust the amount of coffee to more or less than the amount being used if you use pre-ground coffee.

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