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A guide to our beans - knowing which coffee beans to buy

You're looking to try a new coffee, you've found a brand you like, but now you've reached their product page and you're completely daunted by the abundance of choice...

You're looking to try a new coffee, you've found a brand you like, but now you've reached their product page and you're completely daunted by the abundance of choice...

We get it, choosing a new coffee blend is a commitment, financially, ethically and of course, flavour-wise. No one likes to purchase a new coffee and have to return it or throw it in the bin. So we're here to help you out. We've got a quick guide to our different blends, what the different types of coffee are that are available and knowing what roast suits your taste buds. 

Let's start with arabica coffee: Arabica tends to have a smoother, sweeter taste, with flavour notes of chocolate and sugar, often with fruity undertones.

Italian Inspired Espresso Blend

"A blend of beans originating from the high altitude regions of Latin America. Our award-winning house Italian blend is a customer favourite. The beans exude delicious, rich chocolate undertones tempered by a touch of fruity sweetness with a hazelnut finish."

Made with 100% arabica coffee, this smooth and sweet blend is our best seller. It's roast level 4 out of 6, so is a medium-dark roast. Roasting to this level also preserves many of the unique flavours of the coffee’s origin, but it also begins to reach into the deep caramel sweetness of a longer roast. As a result, this coffee is balanced, well rounded, and slightly darker and sweeter. As this blend is on the darker end of the scale, the flavours are fairly deep and rich - hence the chocolatey undertones.

House Brazillian Blend

 "Grown in Brazil's temperate and tropical climate, these South American beans boast bittersweet dark chocolate and caramel flavours. With their subtle nutty undertones and velvety chocolate finish, this well-rounded coffee blend is a shining example of fine Brazilian coffee."

This blend is also made with 100% arabica beans, so features a deliciously sweet flavour. Our Brazilian blend is a roast level 3 out of 6 so is slightly lighter and more acidic than our Espresso blend. The flavour is full-bodied, nutty and chocolatey. 

House Decaffeinated Blend

"These decaffeinated Latin American coffee beans have been lightly roasted, resulting in a delicate, mild taste and complexity of flavour. This silky smooth blend exudes honeyed peanut and floral flavours with a crisp, elegant finish. Perfect for those non-caffeine drinkers looking for a great tasting brew."

Our house decaffeinated blend contains 100% arabica beans, so it's light and mellow. This is our lightest blend with a roast level of 1 out of 6, meaning the taste is fresh, floral and crisp.

Robusta coffee - what's the difference?   Robusta coffee has a stronger, sharper taste than arabica, with earthy undertones and peanutty aroma. They contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans and our Robusta is sourced from the wide-open spaces of Northern India. 

Cafe Crema Blend

"This rich and full-bodied blend of arabica and robusta coffee is wonderfully smooth and sweet. Our Café Crema beans deliver notes of almonds and cocoa mixed with citrusy orange flavours. Its irresistible flavour is likely to be favoured by every coffee drinker."

Our Cafe Crema coffee is a blend of both arabica and robusta coffee. As a result, the flavour exudes both sweet and earthy tastes. With the fruitiness of the arabica beans and the nutty, undertones of the robusta beans, this dark roast blend is very popular among those looking for coffee bursting in flavour.


Rocket Roast Blend

"These potent dark-roasted Robusta coffee beans are bursting with high levels of caffeine. The beans have more than double the amount of caffeine of a standard cup of coffee without tasting bitter or acidic. Enjoy an earthy aromatic brew boasting dark chocolate undertones and soft cranberry notes."

Created for energy lovers and made with 100% robusta coffee, this blend contains very high levels of caffeine. These robusta beans are dark roasted, so are very nutty and earthy, suited to an experienced coffee drinker

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