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Intense Italian

Intense Italian

Putting the humble tea bag to shame, our Intense Italian coffee bags give you all the taste and punchiness of a dark, Italian-style americano, no machine needed. Our strongest coffee by far, made using a 100% robusta blend for a rich flavour and naturally high caffeine levels. Made using freshly roasted ground coffee beans for the best taste.
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Our Intense Italian coffee bags are made using 100% RFA certified, dark roast robusta coffee beans from the Lam Dong Province of Vietnam. Harvested between the months of November to January each year, this coffee has been hand picked by small family groups who make up 95% of coffee farmers in this region. Combining dark chocolate and burnt toffee flavours with smoky, spicy notes on the finish, it’s our strongest coffee by far—perfect for an early morning pick-me-up or whenever you need an energy boost. Enjoy 25 bags per pack, each pre-filled with 8 grams of freshly roasted ground coffee. Simply pop in a mug, pour over hot water and leave to brew for 3-5 minutes before removing the coffee bag, then add your milk of choice.

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