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  • Intense Instant
  • Intense Instant

Enjoy fuss free, barista quality coffee anytime, anywhere with our Intense Instant. A premium freeze dried instant coffee from Colombia and Brazil. This arabica and robusta blend has a rich and robust flavour profile, the extra caffeine (which can push coffee into being too acidic or bitter) is balanced out with dark chocolate undertones and soft notes of cranberry.

Our Intense Instant will do what coffee was made to do, blast through the cobwebs and put a spring in your step, first thing in the morning or whenever you need a burst of energy.

Coffee Profile

Our premium Colombian Instant coffee is made using arabica beans, with notes of dark chocolate and almond for a delicious and easy brew. Medium roasted, freeze-dried and microground for the smoothest texture, we promise it won’t disappoint. No need for fancy coffee machines or equipment—just scoop 1-2 teaspoons into your cup, add hot water, and stir until the coffee has dissolved, adding milk and sugar to taste.

Delivery information

Standard delivery: 48 hours
Express delivery: 24 hours
Free delivery for all orders over £30.00

Coffee subscriptions

Give our top-rated coffee subscription a go. Subscribing to Presto means free delivery and your favourite coffee always there when you need it. It's free and simple to change your plan, skip a delivery or even cancel at any time.

Fresh coffee, delivered on cue.

All of our delicious coffee is available on subscription, with free delivery. Choose from flexible delivery plans, skip or cancel at anytime and never find yourself brew-less again.